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The 2nd International Conference & Exhibition for Nanopia

Code No. BM-P37
Name Prof. Byeong Hee Kim
Affiliation Kangwon National University
Title Anti-cell adhesion characteristics of nanotextured surface
File of Abstract
First nameEui Don
Last nameHan
AffiliationKangwon national University
DepartmentMechatronics engineering
Cell phone8210-2368-2614
First nameYoung Ho
Last nameSeo
AffiliationKangwon National University
DepartmentMechatronics engineering
Cell phone+82-10-6408-0430
Temporary implantable biomedical devices such as intramedullary nails and stent need to inhibit cell adhesion and proliferation in contrast with permanent implantable medical devices. Various studies were carried out for inhibition of endothelialization, however, most methods needed complicated processes and were not permanent. In this paper, a permanent anti-cell adhesion surface was presented using nanotexturing method of nano-imprinting process. Cell adhesion characteristics on nanotextured polymer layer was compared to that on the planar polymer surface and cell culture dish. NIH3T3 fibroblast cell was cultured each substrate and investigated. Fig 1. shows cultured cells after 56 hours on each substrate. Contrastively, cells on the nanotextured polymer surface couldn’t adhered actively compared to another substrates during the whole culture time. Fig 3. represents the ratio of fibroblast cell covered area to cultured area for each substrate according to cell culture time. Cell adhesion area of nanotextured surface was less than half of that in cell culture dish and planar polymer substrate. According to results, anti-cell adhesion characteristics could be permanently assigned through surface nanotexturing method without any chemical treatment.