Some Studies on Nanomaterials in Analytical Spectrometry

Time 2015-11-13 13:30~14:00 Place Room 605+606
Code No. BM-I05 Session Chair
Name Prof. Xiandeng Hou
Affiliation Sichuan University
Title Some Studies on Nanomaterials in Analytical Spectrometry
Nanomaterials have attracted considerable interest in analytical chemistry (e.g., sample pre-concentration, molecular probes, and biological and electrochemical sensing). However, their physico-chemical and surface properties are significantly affected by their size and morphology, and impurities. This talk is about some applications of nanomaterials in analytical spectrometry, including their use to improve the sensitivity and the selectivity of spectrometric methods, to broaden the application range to biological-molecule detection, to characterize and to determine nanomaterials themselves and their impurities, and to use them in imaging analysis.