All-in-One Nanopore Battery and 3D Networked Pores

Time 2015-11-13 09:30~10:00 Place Room 601+602
Code No. ME-I11 Session Chair
Name Prof. Sang Bok Lee
Affiliation University of Maryland
Title All-in-One Nanopore Battery and 3D Networked Pores
This presentation will focus on strategic experiments and research in roles of nanostructures for electrochemical energy storage systems, research activities partly under the NEES Energy Frontier Research Center at the University of Maryland; we fabricate and analyze all-in-one battery electrodes configuration in 1D porous structures to establish a quantitative understanding of the balance between the loss of capacity due to resistance increases and improvements due to electrical conductivity increases by underlying nanotubular current collectors. The kinetics of the charge storage reaction strongly influences the magnitude of this trade off. While 1D alignment is often considered favorable for reducing defects which may lead to capacity loss and degradation, our results indicate that the 3D networked porous structures in electrode materials gain more from increased surface area and mass loading than they lose from the introduction of defects or qualitatively increased tortuosity. This opens up opportunities for rationally designed advanced electrode architectures to optimize the performance of electrochemical energy storage devices in novel ways which are unavailable to conventional, particle based electrode configurations.