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The 2nd International Conference & Exhibition for Nanopia

Organizing Committee

Chair Prof. Se-Young Jeong Pusan National Univ.
Co-chair Prof. Young-June Park Seoul National Univ.
Co-chair Dr. Heung-Nam Kim President, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Co-chair Prof. Seung-Hwan Kim POSTECH, Korea
President, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity
President, The Korean Physical Society
Co-chair Mr. Shin Jong-Woon The former vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Group
Co-chair Dr. Sung-Joo Hong Vice President, SK Hynix
General Affairs Prof. Chae-Ryong Cho Pusan National Univ.

Program Committee

Chair Prof. Myung Yung Jeong Pusan National Univ.
General Affairs Prof. Tae June Kang Inha Univ.

Division table

Scope Nanofabrication Materials & Energy Nano Bio & Medicine
Chair Prof. Heon Lee
(Korea Univ.)
Dr. Chul-Jin Choi
Prof. Jae Ho Kim
(Pusan National Univ.)

Prof. Hong Yee Low
(Singapore University of technology and design )

Prof. Zhi-Dong Zhang
(Institute of metal research, china)
Prof. David Park
(Univ. of ottawa)
Member Dr. Sung Hoon Hong
Prof. Heon-Jin Choi
(Yonsei Univ.)
Prof. Dong-Wook Han
(Pusan National Univ.)
Prof. Yeon Sik Jung
Prof. Cho, Young Rae
(Pusan National Univ.)
Prof. Soo-Hong Lee
(Cha Univ.)
Dr. Huk Jin Cha
(Hunet Plus)
Dr. Jong-Joo Rha
Prof. Won Jong Kim
Prof. Gun young Jung
Dr. Seung Yol Jeong
Prof. Jung-Woog Shin
(Inje Univ.)
Prof. Youngtae Cho
(Changwon National Univ.)
Prof. Unyong Jeong
Prof. Hyun-Wook, Kang
Prof. Bo Sung Shin
(Pusan National Univ.)
Dr. Myoung-Woon Moon
Prof. Young-Hwa Chung
(Pusan National Univ.)
Prof. Moon Kyu Kwak
(Kyungpook National Univ.)
Prof. Son, Jae Sung
Prof. Jung-Hwan Oh
(Pukyong National Univ.)
Prof. Hyunsik Yoon
(Seoul National Univ. of science & technology)
Prof. Dong-sik Bae
(Changwon National Univ.)
Prof. Yong-Il Shin
(Pusan National Univ.)
Prof. Hoon-Eui Jeong
Prof. Keun Yong Sohn
(Inje Univ.)
Prof. Jinwook Yoo
(Pusan National Univ.)
Prof. Ji Won Suk
(Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Prof. Kwon-Koo Cho
(Gyeongsang National Univ.)
Prof. Changwan Hong
(Pusan National Univ.)
    Prof. Lee, Gang Ho
(Kyungpook National Univ.)

Publication Committee

Chair Prof. Yoon-Hwae, Hwang Pusan National Univ.
Co-Chair Prof. Minhyon Jeon Inje Univ.
Member Prof. Jin-Woo Oh Pusan National Univ.
Prof. Kwangseuk Kyhm Pusan National Univ.
Prof. Jaebeom Lee Pusan National Univ.
Prof. Hanjung Song Inje Univ.
Dr. Jong-Joo Rha KIMS
Prof. Dong-sik Bae Changwon National Univ.

Publicity Committee

Chair Prof. Je-Hyun Lee Changwon National Univ.
Co-Chair Dr. Eun-Soo Nam Senior Vice President, ETRI
Co-Chair Prof. Joonkyung Jang Pusan National Univ.
Member Prof. Byungha Shin KAIST
Prof. Youngsik Kim UNIST
Prof. Kwon-Koo Cho Gyeongsang National University
Prof. Yeon-Gil Jung Changwon National Univ.